Long Time No See…Or Write

I need to be better about updating this blog. Although I don’t show it, I really love this blog and the opportunity it gives me to try out new stuff, meet new friends. I’m not going to lie but I feel as if I have been carrying a heavy weight on my shoulders as each passing day goes by and I don’t open the laptop to type a new post. It’s hard to come up with new stuff without it being too close to ‘copying’ other fellow bloggers. Lets face it, it can get hard to come up with creative bits and ideas to attract new readers or even just keep the two readers I already have. (Hi Mom!)

I had started a Summer 2017 bucket list and top of that list was going to post more often, so here I am trying to achieve crossing number one off the list.

The past months have consisted of A LOT OF WORK, some school and more work. On the fun side, I’ve gone to Houston to watch 3 baseball games already and we aren’t even at the half point of the season. That’s not even counting the ultra wet game I watched at the Arlington Ballpark. Two hour delay, but I stuck it out! Made perfect sense cause we spent good money on the tickets and the friends I went with are total badass. 

Just the fact that I am typing a bunch of gibberish, I do feel as if a little bit of life has come back in to me. If I stay here typing, I might just end up listing all the movies I’ve recently watched on Netflix. wait, quickly I finally watched The Shinning, what a mind twisting movie! haha.



Here’s a picture of what I’ve been doing at work, when I avoid my actual work duties.


Some pictures of fun with friends these last few months!

I promise I won’t let another six months go by without updating!



Cheers lovelies!

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