Tips for a Gilmore Girls Revival Watch Party!

Ok, I am starting to feel bad to be filling this blog up with just about only Gilmore Girls related posts! And I am truly sorry!! to a certain extent. But it’s not every year that my all time favorite show revived with new episodes/mini movies. But I promise once November 25th gets here, I will focus on other stuff other than Gilmore Girls!

Anyways so once word officially got out about the revival happening, I got numerous messages from friends to tell me to host a watch party, even friends that don’t live in North Texas! It is a bit of a drag that it’s on black Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, as some friends will be out of town, but I will celebrate my heart out for them!

I like to keep a lot of my party details to myself, because I like to surprise my guests. But I know there are a lot of fellow Gilmore Girls fans that will be having their own watch parties.

here are my tips to have an amazing watch party!


As usual, start with the invitation! I always make mine on my little Cricut, but I have found some cute invites on etsy!

How cute are these!? If I wasn’t so pressed with time, I would’ve definitely gotten these! click here to purchase the PDF file!Here is another cute invite involving the Oy, with the poodles! phrase.  click here to purchase for a PDF file for just $15

Now for the next two, they aren’t invitation per say, but if you’re having a small group of friends over, these ‘invites’ wouldn’t break the bank! You can easily frame one for wall art afterwards, totally get your money’s worth and it’s a gift in itself for your friends

This Etsy store has this original drawing and many more to choose from! click here to purchasehow adorable is this one!? one thousand yellow daisies, maybe this particular wouldn’t be ideal for an invite, but I am sure we can find an excuse to buy these! click here to purchase.

These are the ones I will be sending out!

I actually  had planned for the RSVP part to inform my friends to hurry because there will be 58 seats and 62 Koreans! HAHA! but at the last minute when I typed these up, I spaced out and left it out, so go ahead and write it in in your invites! 🙂


I thought it would be a cute idea to have a Stars Hollow sign outside the door, I will be using as a temporary “wreath” on my door to welcome my friends!

I’ve attached a PDF file here, so you can download and print at home on 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper. I will definitely keep this around as wall decor!


Honestly, I don’t like the way it looks, simple. I will embellish it some more and give it more flare. I may add a cute white bow at the top.


And although we are in a mini apartment sized version of Stars Hollow, that is still no excuse to not have a Luke’s. I made a sign on Cricut as well, to signal a coffee and hot cocoa station in the kitchen! I love any good excuse to have the hot chocolate bar out! There isn’t a photo since I am still in the process of painting Luke’s on it, and I’m so eager to publish this post! Sorry!

If you don’t have a cutting machine, I found an inexpensive Luke’s sign on Etsy! (Shocking!) For less than $20, click here to purchase!



I printed this No Cell Phone sign from a FREE download from a fellow blogger get the file by visiting Finding Stars Hollow!no-cellphones-sign

I want to give the living room a Rory’s room feel to it so I made these Yale signs! click to download an 11 x 17 here, and for 8 1/2″ x 11″ paper here.yale-sign


I am a huge fan of Kindred Handicrafts, I’ve brought them up back in my Gilmore Girls Fan Fest post as well on my Birthday Wishlist. You and your friends can all purchase matching shirts! Or mix and match, trust me there is a shirt for every Gilmore out there! here are just a few of my favorites!kindred-shirts




This wouldn’t be a true Gilmore Girl party if there isn’t massive amounts of food served. I will be offering the Gilmore classics such as Cheeseburger bites, Pizza, Chinese take out, Pop Tarts, Twizzlers as well as cooking out of the Eat Like a Gilmore unofficial cookbook!eat-like-a-gilmore-book

I will definitely have a hot chocolate & coffee bar set out! Here is the hot chocolate bar I made for my Christmas party last year!


And definitely mix some founder’s day punch! Using the recipe from the cookbook.founders-day-punch

I purchased this PDF file off an Etsy store, and printed on card stock paper, I will use glue dots to keep the sleeve together and place for the hot chocolate and coffee bar I will have. click here to purchase for $5!lukes-sleeve



Just about every party I’ve thrown, I love to hand out goody bags. Let’s face it, we all love free stuff! This ritual was probably my favorite part of going to any birthday or Christmas party. So I didn’t want this party to go without! I will not say what *I* will be giving since it will be a surprise and just in case any of my friends accidentally stumble on to this post, they will remain unaware! 😀 sorry ELBLCCRVA! ♥  Here are some ideas for every kind of budget you’re on;

Since it is Black Friday, Christmas will be in full swing, this is definitely a cute inexpensive gift! purchase here for $8 each


Here’s a cute mug for the office! click here to purchase for $12.60


Or just about any mug from this Etsy shop for eiether $12 or $14 a mug!

Here is a cute card as a thank you for taking time out of their holiday to spend it on the couch being a Gilmore! Purchase here for a pack of 4 for $9 or pick 8 for $15 (save $3!)

**I actually think these would make cute invites too! especially the ‘HAY MUCHO MAC N CHEESE!’ I bust out laughing EVERY TIME with Paris in that scene! 🙂**If you have any bookworms in your bunch, check out these cute book marks that go in hand with the first set of invites. click here to purchase both for $8.50bookmarks1




I cannot wait for the big day! Please send me pictures of your watch party! I would love to see fellow honorary Gilmores celebrating!! If you have any additional tips, please share!



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