Gone Babecationing….

It was hard leaving our little Airbnb love nest, but I wanted beach time and I needed to soak in all the rays as much as possible!

Friday night we attended a Minor League Baseball game! The Houston Astros have a AA team in Corpus Christi, the Hooks! And since this year we won’t be going to any new MLB parks, we thought this was perfect! We have no intention of going to every Minor League Ballpark, that’d be hundreds of ballparks. If I’m not mistaken each MLB team has AT LEAST 5 or 6 MiLB teams, multiply that by 30 MLB teams! Yea, no thank you. Anyways so the Hooks play at the Whataburger field; if you’re not from Texas, just know that Whataburger is an important staple to a Texan’s life.

So of course dinner that night was planned, having a Whataburger at Whataburger Field! I’d like to disclose that before heading to the game, we walked across the street to The Phoenix for some light meal  we hadn’t ate since morning breakfast in San Antonio. The Phoenix was another recommendation from Flora; its more on the pricier side, but very good nonetheless, they have a two story patio. I loved feeling the breeze thru my hair.

I did not think about getting a view from our seats, because they were some killer seats! It was a fun atmosphere and I cannot wait to go back to another MiLB game!

Saturday Morning we WALKED to brunch! about two blocks away. Although the humidity was slowly killing me, I insisted on walking and being healthy! Our host Flora, left us a handbook filled with suggestions on where to eat, shop and drink at. So we took her up on EATS, A fun and VERY busy little shop.

I had avocado toast: Three buttery toasted baguette crostini’s topped with avocado, heirloom tomatoes, crispy bacon, feta cheese and two fried eggs. Finished with a drizzle of olive oil & salt & pepper. Let me tell you that fruit was DELIGHTFUL! I even took a picture of the menu so I can try and recreate this back home! Some how those little three pieces of bread filled. me. up! And this comes from someone who eats half a large pizza in one seating!

Went back to a different beach and soaked in some more rays! We walked on a pier? Or boardwalk? Consisted of rocks, I had to go barefoot in case of tripping  

I want to share at one point I was getting so scared because D decided to go into the ocean and I’m just standing there about 500 feet from the shore while he was another 300 away from me. I’m paranoid thinking OMG if I lose him, his mom is going to kill me!

For Saturday evening I had made a reservation for some horseback riding time on the beach at HORSES ON THE BEACH. This would be our second time riding horses together, read about the first time here. I can’t understand how being someone who LOVES horses so dang much, I get so scared of them.

Once again I was given the slow horse ?  D says it might not even be the horses but ME who is so slow! And he’s probably right! I hate when the horses go faster than five miles an hour, mainly because it hurts. D’s horse wanted to be up front so I was left behind with this adorable ten year old boy (honestly idk how old he was, he was just a little kid).

The reason I get paranoid is because I know how sensitive these creatures get and if the wrong person or horse gets all up in their business, they will react. Not necessarily violently but they get annoyed easily. I’d panick when another horse would get a little toooo close to Saber and I.

I was hoping to squeeze in some parasailing but there just wasn’t any time. I basically just wanted to flop around the beach during the day, soak in the rays and D just wanted me to enjoy beach so I could finally shut up of wanting it so much! Haha but I’m looking into another beach getaway next summer already! ?

Let me know of any planned getaways you may have for this summer or next!

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