Fall…you’ve been missed

This weekend was extra chilly in Texas! Believe me, I’ve been wanting to go camping all summer long and decided to go last minute with Boyfriend to a lake nearby. I’m just going to say that FALL IS HERE! or at least at night it is!! I was freezing, we did not go completely prepared. Sure, we each took a light sweater for the night/early morning; But I did not pack enough comfortfers!!! I was so cold I basically slept on the floor under the five comforters I had packed to fluff up our bed!

We were going to stay for two nights, but yea…this weather was no joke so I said let’s go back home and come back next month with more blankets!

I’m back and well rested and so ready for the fall!


I don’t know what’s happened to me in the last couple of years that I love fall weather more than summer. I use to live for summer, anticipate it to no end, but as I’ve gotten older I appreciate and treasure the fall evenings a lot more than summer daze. And with that being noted, I thought I’d give an update of what I am expecting this fall!

First of all, TODAY IS THE LAST DAY for the $12.50 three-wick candles over at the mother of fall; Bath and Body Works! I have no time to head to the store, but I know what I like so I just ordered my favorites! I am so excited for this Cinnamon Spiced Vanilla candle! Last fall my mother in law had  these around the house and I took a picture of the candle to make sure to get the right one at BBW, but apparently these were left overs of hers from years ago so I wasn’t going to find them in stores. I’m not going to lie, at one point I was tempted in just taking a candle because trust me this candle is the epitome of fall scent. Flash forward one year, here is Cinnamon spiced vanillla; and lets just say that I will have plenty for years to come!


I may or not be already losing myself in the aisles of Target finding some cute fall decor finds.

Round Pumpkin Star Gazer  $36.99


Tall Pumpkin Star Gazer $36.99

Yellow Peacock Throw Pillow (More colors available) $24.99

Fall Leaves Throw Pillow $49.99

Count Your Blessings Door Decor $31.99

Give Thanks Light Up Decor $12.00


And of course the biggest reason we are obsessed with fall weather….FALL OUTFITS! I know I am! I’ll post my fall 2017 inspo on a separate post, for now head over to BBW!!!




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